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Professor Doug McFerran

Professor Doug in Thailand
                                                                               (Thailand 2011)

email: dmcf34@yahoo.com
818-364-7600 ext 7710

There are no waiting lists at either college.  For Philosophy 2 at Pierce there will be a lottery at the beginning of the first class to replace any students who are absent. 

For Philosophy 33  at Mission interested students need to email a request to mcferrdd@laccd.edu between 8 AM and noon on September 2.  You should have the following information on your request: your name, student ID, date of birth, and the email on file with LACCD.  I will honor the requests in the order received for whatever openings are available.

Fall 2014 at Pierce College:

Philosophy 2 - #0547

Fall 2014 at LA Mission College

Philosophy 33 - #0400

Additional  Material :

Symbolic Logic Course

(an online course taught at Los Angeles Pierce College)

SLIPS (an earlier course in symbolic logic using postfix literal notation)

World Religions
(a course in comparative religion taught at Los Angeles Mission College)

 The Examined Life: A Short Introduction to World  Philosophy  (Part 1 dealing with Greek thought)

materials from a course in practical logic:
Tracking an Argument
Working with Syllogisms
What Makes a Case Stronger or Weaker
Working With Editorials
The Logic of Explanations

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